Why we love what we do.

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We all share a similar origin. All our stories begin with the sacrifices our parents made to raise a family in the USA. We're all Mexican-American. Prior to any of us being born, most of our parents immigrated from Mexico to establish a new life in the United States. Our parents have given us so much. We strive passionately to succeed in life to demonstrate our gratitude to each of our parents for their sacrifice. 


We decided to take a stand. Without attacking any political party or politician, we acknowledge that current immigration policies have targeted Latino families. Several stories of government raids targeting undocumented individuals have been shared throughout the media and they tell the story of the harm it has done to Latinos. Like in the case of Andres Magaña Ortiz, who was pulled from his family and business in Hawaii after living an honest life for 28 years in the USA. Or in the case of children of undocumented parents, studies have shown that these children experience immense stress levels and mental complications stemming from fear of their parents being deported. The complications increase for children who have actually witnessed an immigration arrest of a loved one. 


Rather than serve as witnesses, we decided to launch Reto Accessories. Although Reto is not the end solution, we vow to donate 20% of all our revenues to immigration non-profits that provide legal assistance to undocumented families and DACA recipients. The 20% is our promise of transparency and an extension of our goodwill. We will deliver products that people will feel proud of wearing while accentuating their cultural pride.